Reasons to travel with us

With over 50 years of experience in planning travel for discerning travelers, we know what it means to deliver a meaningful, memorable and valuable travel experience.

Choose Vacation by Design because…

    • … our goal is to plan a journey that will be ideally suited to you.
    • … we want you to be a part of the planning and decision making process.

how you see the world matters to us, so with us, you see the world from a whole new perspective.

…We believe that the best kind of travel is beyond the ordinary,beyond the expected

…We balance unique pleasures of a destination with personal experiences that are part of your journey of discovery.

…We believe that travel is made better by

    • … the people you meet along the way
    • …the epicurean delights that satisfy the soul
    • … the places you stay that pamper your spirit &
    • …the things you experience that enrich your mind

…We believe that genuine personal attention is key to our success. Many of our clients have traveled with us for over 30 years and have become personal friends. A sprawling call center or a website cannot replicate the type of personal relationship we establish with you, our individual client.

We believe that Travel is about People, Places & Possibilities…