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Dear Traveler,

On such a journey planned by one of our experts, you are guaranteed to see more, learn more, and have an adventure that could change your life forever. We take time to understand your personal needs and unique style. Whether your interests are exploring museums, viewing wildlife, cooking, hiking, trekking, shopping or enjoying a luxurious Spa, we at Vacation by Design, can help create your own unique travel experience.

Our personal travels combined with years of experience in crafting complex global travel plans for our most sophisticated travelers, we design the precise sojourn you have in mind for traveling with your family, your friends or that special someone.

As professional Travel Consultants, we work on your behalf.  We are responsible for the resources and the emotion you’re about to spend on your vacation. So, as professional Travel Consultants (versus an agent or an order-taker) we only accept clients for whom, we feel, we can make a difference to their vacation plans. We understand that it needs to be a once-in-a lifetime experience for you…..and working together with you must be rewarding and fulfilling for us.

So, contact us today to work on your behalf: to be your champion in crafting a vacation that is ideally suited for you.

Tara Gupta


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Diane Bennett

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