Upcoming Journeys


With us, you see the world from a whole new perspective. Because how you see the world, matters to us.

Many travelers prefer the camaraderie, convenience and fun of small group travel, and Tara’s Escorted Journeys are simply unique. Led by Tara herself, working in combination with expert local guides, these journeys are limited to a maximum of 8 like-minded travelers who relish learning and discovery. Tara builds in plenty of free time to enjoy the regions covered, so you can be flexible to explore. She believes “On a journey like ours, the itinerary is just a guideline. A true journey is not about “sticking to the schedule” but about exploring. It’s about discovering the culture and the people, about seizing interesting opportunities to uncover little surprises as they present themselves to us.” Each Escorted Journey is meticulously planned to seamlessly experience the highlights of each destination, reveal the gentle nuances that make each destination unique while offering flexibility, personal attention and smooth travel arrangements.

Remarkable experiences in small groups, escorted by Tara.